Americas Right Wing Hints at Murdering the President

Americas Right Wing Hints at Murdering the President

Religious right extremists now have T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers to help their agents provocateur spread their message and it’s dangerous implications. Psalm 109:8 is being touted as the new slogan of the day. “Let His Days Be Few, And Let Another Take His Office.” … hmm, not too bad so far, but for the few who have bothered to look up the Psalm one finds the very next line “Let His Children Be Fatherless, And His Wife A Widow.” Of course no one interviewed thus far will cop to the implied threat in all this sloganeering and merchandising of the ideology of fear and loathing, but the implications are impossible to miss for those who keep a bible on hand at any given moment. The demonstrator with the automatic weapons showing up to an Obama rally with biblical quoted sign in hand is a far cry from the glib press wonks that explain away this obscure religious reference, which undoubtedly they’d never heard of until this story broke. But the ideologues planting the seeds surely know exactly the context of their hoped for fruit. Trolling for assassins it’s been called, and it’s hard to see it any other way. Were these arcane Psalms more common, the explaining away of their meaning might be more plausible. However, the biblical student who plucks this needle from the convoluted haystack of christian tracts must obviously have some intent behind his choice.

The US Secret Service has rated the threat level against the President as 400% higher than it has ever been in US history. That was before the biblical injunction to murder politicians showed up on the scene. I truly fear that one of these gun toting, racist, religious zealots will one of these days take to heart the anti-Obama propaganda (Nobama, Obamanation, Pray for Obama Psalm 108.9, etc) and allow his murderous vengeful god to act through him.

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  1. I don't worry about it and thus I don't give the possibility more power. This bible campaign is a form of casual terrorism, designed to keep and spread fear, it's key we don't buy into it. The change that Obama represents is larger than him by now, if anything were to happen to him nothing would be stopped. Gone are the days when you kill the man you kill his movement. It would only gain in power if such a thing ever occurred. Anyone who would harm him would do well to remember this.

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