An Open Letter, and Proposition, to All Believers in the Coming Rapture

A call to Rapture believers.My name is Jason. I have a proposition for anyone who is a believer in the coming Rapture on 5/21/2011.My pitch here is truly a win/win. My simple idea: If you are a believer who is going to be Raptured on 5/21/2011, I’d like you to sign a contract which I will draft, signing over all of your worldly possessions to me. When you ascend into heaven on May 21st, you get to leave one last charitable act behind. You wont need your earthly belongings, for you will be laying your treasure up in heaven, where dust and moth do not corrupt.

This is my open call and I welcome anyone who wishes to participate by leaving me all their worldly burdens to contact me via Facebook or email. I’ll be sure to get you a contract, which we will both sign in front of witnesses (must be signed on or before 5/19/2011) and possibly notarie stamped.

So, it’s simple; everything you own on Earth (home, vehicles, cash, accounts, animals, stocks, bonds, etc) will become my property on 5/22/2011. I do not require a pre-Rapture inspection, there is no catch. The Rapture is said to be occurring on 5/21/2011, but no time of day has been given that I am aware of, so I will not take possession of your former belongings until 5/22/2011. You will have full use of all of your belongings until then.

Important note: This is NOT a joke.