What’s With the New Theme?

“Good news, everyone!”

Huzzah! I’ve just reconciled myself with my inner nerd, given up on a professional website and thrown away the plan.

In short, F#CK THAT SH#T!  ..  Now: NO RULES RULES! (Hence the new theme!)…


So… back to our irregularly unscheduled deprogramming…

Started a new character for a Pathfinder campaign. A 28-year-old Halfling Rogue named Sid “Nimblefingers” McGhee. I’ll be sure to keep the intertubes abreast of his progress!

Been playing a browser game called Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. It’s a pretty cool game, I’ll do a full review in a bit.

Skipping the main Burning Man event this year. I want to focus on local events and building the Tallgrass Burners regional. (And my RC ticket is spoken for.)

So, Happy New Year… Dear readers. (Yep, both of us.) And stay chooned, as always, for even more blogging about gaming, beer, irreligion, music, mucis, art, Burning Man and politics.