Fantasy Role Playing Games

I am massively, intensely embroiled in the Fantasy RPG hobby again. I currently play in two campaigns and have fallen in love with the Pathfinder / D20 system! With the open game license and the online content making owning the books optional, THIS is what I never knew I needed. This open source system to build Pathfinder Compatible material for, combined with the best combat rules system TSR and Wizards of the Coast ever developed, is the “right” way for the RPG world to go. (This is my opinion, your mileage may vary.)

In digging up all my gaming stuff, I came across the beginnings of a campaign world setting I started in 1995. A hand drawn map of the continent on 4 sheets of graph paper taped together along with a 2 and a half page hand written history (with a timeline!) were tucked away in a binder. In 1995, I was not playing RPGs, it had been around 7 years since I had played AD&D. I was just driven to do it because it was something I always loved doing. I’ve kept it since then, 18 years now (holy SH#T where does the time go?) and was kind of secretly embarrassed about it.

So I’ve started working on it again… I’m building a campaign world setting! I’ve got an overview of 362 years of back story written, the map and my imagination. It’s a land recently corrupted, evil is spreading and humans and elves are reeling after more than 300 years at war. Fun stuff! I’m not sure where (if?) dragons fit in yet. More to come on that!

So an 18-year-old hand drawn pencil on graph paper map taped together with masking tape is a poor quality map. I’ve started reading some tutorials over at Cartographers Guild, but I know nothing about how to make a high quality (print ready) maps. I downloaded GIMP, now if I just had the time to learn it!

Speaking of time, gotta paint those minis! In learning that Reaper Mini is switching to all plastic, discontinuing production of any metal mini figs, Angie and I bought our needed characters while we could. Reaper is running out of production on pieces as we speak and some items already cannot be ordered as they are gone. Get ’em while you can!

That’s all for now, but coming up here real soon, an interview with the man behind Total Player Kill Games, Brian Berg! YAY! See ya!