Painting Miniatures

Painting miniatures is something I’m completely new to. I have seen painted minis of course, even before I actually ever discovered the game, but I never played with them when I was younger. Later we realized how much better is was to play out combat with markers, but we used generic plastic game markers with our initials on them. (I never had a battle mat, so as the party explored my dungeon I would reveal the map by standing dominoes on their sides to delineate walls.)

Now that we’ve gotten back into playing fantasy role playing games, specifically Pathfinder, my partner Angie and I have bought a few miniatures to play with. I spent some time researching techniques, and combined with my previous artistic experience with painting, I am pretty proud of my results. Here’s the first miniature I’ve ever painted, just last weekend:

Miniatures freshly coated in primer.
Miniatures freshly coated in primer. Click to enlarge.


My first miniature.
Sid “Nimblefingers” McGhee, a halfling rogue is the first miniature I ever painted. Click to enlarge.

I’m going for a unique style and I think I have it in the dirty, grimy adventurer. I don’t do “comic style” at all, or what I’ve seen described as “Tabletop Standard” vs. “Display Quality”. I definitely lean towards Display Quality. I use multiple layers and a lot of blending to achieve rich color effects and I try to make everything colored in as realistic way as possible to both bring out the anatomical realism and also the textures and grit and dirt.

Alizar the Necromancer
Alizar the Necromancer. Click to enlarge.


A nasty goblin.
A nasty goblin. Click to enlarge.

I am super proud of my work here. I am currently working on perfecting my skills in this art so I can offer my services and miniatures for sale/commission. I really love this hobby within a hobby already, and as of this writing I have painted 4 miniatures; the 3 shown above and a small WWII soldier. The goblin above and the soldier are figures left at my place by accident after our Pathfinder RPG session last weekend. Angie nailed it when she mentioned to our friend who’d left them that I was eyeing them up for painting! He said he wouldn’t mind, so I painted them both.

More to come on D&D, Pathfinder miniatures. I have ordered a bunch more to paint so I’ll be posting them here for sale!