About JST3P.com / Nerdtastic

We serve the gamer nerds and geek community; Tabletop gamers, makers, builders, crafters, nerds, geeks and even LARPers and Cosplayers.

Our main focus is in Fantasy Role Playing games, particularly the Pathfinder RPG and AD&D. We hand paint metal miniatures, make tabletop game terrain and structures, and write and produce fantasy game campaign settings and materials. In the process of making, crafting, and creating products we often share the process on the blog here and on our YouTube channel.

You can click on the Shop page or go to our Etsy shop: TheNerdtasticShop to if you’re interested in purchasing terrain for your tabletop Wargame or fantasy role playing game. If you’re more into making your own terrain, this blog and our YouTube videos are for you.


Compensation is never accepted for editorial review, though in some cases the product being reviewed has been provided to the author free of charge for the purpose of review. If you would like your product reviewed, click on CONTACT above and get in touch.

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Our Address is PO Box 4484, Omaha, NE 68104-4484