…and we’re back?

Welcome Back!

It’s been a relaxing 10 months vacation… (Not really, but I did have a 30 day sabbatical over the holidays.) But, we’re back with an update: We’re starting a new Pathfinder campaign!

Tyler advises me on NPC creation. Click to Enlarge.
Tyler advises me on NPC creation. Click to Enlarge.

The blog is back so expect updates from The Lands of Eastern Terrule, my own homebrew adventure campaign setting. This means I’ll probably dig out the miniature paints again, so I’ll definitely post here with updates on minis. Also, the Nerdtastic Shop is slowly but surely selling out of terrain items, so I will have to make some more to replenish the stock and that means I’ll have to blog about that here as well.

Thanks again, loyal readers. It’s been great to see so many of you continuing to follow us on Facebook when the blog posts took a rest. Angie and I appreciate you all very much!

~Jason (JST3P)




A note about other projects:

In an effort to make sure things don’t go off-brand, JST3P.com has remained RPG specific for the last few years. I have other brands, such as Urban Decay – where I sell art, clothing and other items related to my interests in street art and graffiti. (There is actually still a “Graf and Street Art” blog category on this site carried over from very early in its life.)

As things evolve, they sometimes intertwine. As I’ve been toying with the idea of making miniature dioramas of modern urban city scenes, it may become more appropriate to bring that urban art / craft over to this blog with it’s focus on miniature and tabletop game terrain creation.

For now, however, things will pretty much stay the same for awhile as we bring our Pathfinder game to life.